I am a designer, developer and podcaster. I am currently living in Frankfurt am Main, Germany. My natural habitat is at the intersection of design, development and product management.

Right now I'm working at BRYTER, where I focus on building and leading our design system. Before BRYTER I have been working for companies like Clark, FastBill and REICHHART. Experiencing all these different industries taught be a lot about the work I do today.

In my spare time, I work on different side projects, open-source projects and co-host two podcasts.

Bandbreite is a group podcast with friends from university (where the podcast originated). It's focused on general tech and our experiences as designers and developers.

Sprachnachrichten is a podcast focused on productivity and self-improvement in the digital space. It started in 2020 and I'm happy to be co-hosting this podcast with a good friend.


    July 2019 - Present • Remote

    BRYTER is a no-code building platform to automate decision-making. With BRYTER experts can make their knowledge available to everyone.

    Since starting working at BRYTER, I focused on building and leading internal design system. Our design system, called Bliss, helps our cross-functional teams to develop features more consistently, efficiently and accessible. I tend to switch roles between Designer, Developer and Product Manager for Bliss to support where I can.

    Besides Bliss, I support different teams at BRYTER with explorations or designs for new features. I had the chance to help with different areas of the product like our admin console, our editor or various other pages.

    I've contributed and implemented team methodologies like design critiques and improved design-development collaboration.

  • Clark

    April 2019 - July 2019 • Frankfurt am Main, Germany

    At my brief time at Clark I supported the team with visual design work for the white-label product. Besides that, I contributed to plan and confirm the needed steps (from a design perspective) to move Clark into a stage to branch out to different countries like Austria.

  • FastBill

    April 2018 - April 2019 • Frankfurt am Main, Germany

    FastBill is a German bookkeeping SaaS service with a huge competitor landscape. FastBill specialised on supporting small or independent business.

    As a solo designer I wore different hats and supported different initiatives and projects. One of my big projects was the concept and development of the new “advance VAT return” (USt-VA) feature. This feature helped our customers in executing a recurring tax tasks more quickly and safely.

    Other parts of my focus were on the onboarding experience. Additionally, I supported the reframing of the company vision with workshops, concepts and initial prototypes to confirm and test ideas.

  • REICHHART digital logistics

    August 2015 - July 2018 • Frankfurt am Main, Germany

    I joined the team very early on as a Product Designer, working on their Web and Android applications.

    My role was broad in scope and I moved between research, concepts, high-fidelity prototypes and frontend code to support our web development team.

    After some month, I established and later led the development of the internal design system for both, Web and Android. The component library, which I used as a base to develop a CSS library, was the basis for the development team.

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